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Traveland RV Rentals Ltd

Traveland RV Rentals offers well maintained, company owned, high quality and up-to-date recreational vehicles. They rent only the best and choose rv rental trailers and motorhomes for rent based on their best selling models and previous customer experience.

Traveland RV Rentals opened in 1996 as a division of Traveland Leisure Vehicles Ltd which has been in the rv business since 1977 and is one of the most reputable and successful rv centres in North America, providing sales, parts and service for recreational vehicles of all types.  Their rental location is based near Vancouver, which is a major tourist gateway in Western Canada.
All of Traveland RV Rental's units are current, top-of-the-line units just like a customer would get if they ordered it direct from the factory. They include features like Microwave ovens, self-igniting water heaters, dash and roof air conditioning and showers as standard equipment, with many additional features on all models.

Traveland has also invested heavily in fuel efficient, economical, diesel powered units which are more environmentally friendly and will save on your fuel bill!

Traveland believes that RVing is about taking control of your vacations and weekends in a whole new world of freedom and relaxation. Go where you want, when you want. Turn every weekend into a mini-vacation and every trip into a hassle-free escape.


2012 trip
Branch: Vancouver
Vehicle: zPT - 25' Class A Motorhome with Slideout
By Martin
Pick Up Procedure / Service    
Overall Rating:     
We had the Reyo RV and it was the best RV we have ever had. Easy to drive, very comfortable and had all and more of the features etc that we would require. Our trip was over to Glacier NP in the US...
2012 trip
Branch: Vancouver
Vehicle: zPT - 25' Class A Coach with Slideout
By Martin
Pick Up Procedure / Service    
Overall Rating:     
We had the Reyo RV and it was the best RV we have ever had. Easy to drive, very comfortable and had all and more of the features etc that we would require. Our trip was over to Glacier NP in the US...
Canada/US Road Trip
Branch: Vancouver
Vehicle: zCT - 29' Class C Motorhome with Slide - MH29 S CO
By Nicola
Pick Up Procedure / Service     
Overall Rating:     
Very good service from pick up at hotel to drop off of vehicle. Vehicle very good standard and very clean. Would recommend.
Our first Canada Road trip
Branch: Vancouver
Vehicle: zPT - 20' Class B Motorhome Gas Deluxe Van
By Jan
Pick Up Procedure / Service    
Overall Rating:    
Two persons en a small RV in 15 days. It worked out very fine, we had wonderful Road trip 3300 km to Banff, Jasper, Prince George and Vancouver Island. We hope to come back soon. But it's a long...
autumn mountains road trip
Branch: Vancouver
Vehicle: zPT - SUV & Trailer 21'
By Glen
Pick Up Procedure / Service     
Overall Rating:     
All dealings with supplier in Vancouver were excellent,SUV was substituted as original was in an accident the day before we arrived.Upgrade at no cost to us and no delays.They even sent back my...

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Traveland RV Rentals Ltd Insurance

At the time of a rental motorhome pick-up, clients must leave a security/insurance deposit on Visa or MasterCard; no American express, direct debit card, nor cash deposits will be accepted. The amount of the security deposit will be $600.00. The amount will be charged to the client’s credit card on day of vehicle pick-up and reimbursed on day of vehicle drop-off, less any incurred charges (extra km driven, damage, cleanliness etc.). Traveland is not responsible for any currency loss due to the exchange rate at time of charge and credit.

CAD300 Deductible CAD600 Deductible CAD600 Deductible
Glass damage
Acts of nature
Damage from Wildlife
Accident & Collision
Third party property damage
Damage to or loss of awning
Damage to the slide outs
Interior damage
Comprehensive damage (including damage caused while hooking / unhooking trailer)
Self incurred accident
Overhead/undercarriage damage
Tires, Rims and Hub-Caps (loss, theft or damage)
Theft or loss of any rented accessories or equipment

Included in the rental rates is an insurance (CDR: Collision Deductible Reduction) with CAD $5 million third party liability. In the event of loss or damage to the vehicle, whether or not due to the fault of the Renter, the Renter's responsibility (provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the rental agreement and rental conditions) is limited to a maximum of $600 per occurrence (provided VIP insurance is included) except as outlined under "Exclusions". There is no limit, however, if vehicle incurs loss or damage as outlined below under "Exclusions".

Vacation Interruption Insurance
In case of mechanical breakdown (vehicle does not drive anymore), Traveland will pay for a rental car and hotel for up to CAD 250.00 per day, maximum of 3 days. Group travel excluded!
Important: Receipts must be presented at drop-off. Mechanical breakdown does not include malfunction of the radio, CD/DVD, television, air conditioner(s), generator, refrigerator, cruise control or breakdown due to accident, whether or not the Renter is at fault. VIP Package applies only if mechanical breakdown requires the vehicle to be repaired more than 12 hours after it is reported to the rental station. Traveland is not responsible for any additional refund over and above $250/day per vehicle – If mechanically broken down, meaning vehicle is not drivable. Included expenses can consist of hotel charges, car rental or any other incidental or consequential costs.

The insurance does not cover if a claim is directly or indirectly a result of one or more of the following:
    • Operation of the vehicle in violation of the Agreement Conditions.
    • Any event that occurs while the driver is under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol.
    • Transporting contraband or illegal trade.
    • Carrying more than the maximum permitted number of passengers.
    • Customer has given false information regarding his/her person.
    • Driver has not been listed in the contract (copy of driver’s license) or does not possess a valid driver`s license
    • Damage due to intentional acts by any member of the group or any guest.
    • Damage caused by the use of incorrect fuel type.
    • Failure to maintain fluid levels.
    • Damage caused by overheating / freezing of any vehicle system


In the event of damage to optional equipment, such as bikes, customer will be charged the amount needed to fix the damage or replace the broken item.

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